Substrate preparation to improve quantum efficiency of multi-alkali photocathodes

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Substrate preparation to improve quantum efficiency of multi-alkali photocathodes

PHOTONIS is a leading multinational high-technology group, manufacturing electro-optic components used in the detection of ions, electrons and photons. We innovate and engineer quality components for integration into a variety of applications such as night vision optics, digital cameras, mass spectrometry, physics research, space exploration and many others.




Substrate preparation to improve quantum efficieny of multi-alkali photocathodes



Alkaliantimonide photocathodes are semi-conductive layers used to transfer light into electrons. Ideally 100% of incoming photons transfer their energy into electrons. You will work on the surface modification and characterization of the substrate onto which the photocathode material is growing. 



Improvement of surface preparation techniques to increase the performance of multi-alkali photocathode.



  • Survey of our current coating methods and technological weaknesses.
  • Deposition of new methods and trials
  • Characterization made using SEM/EDX, Filmetrics, DekTak microscopes etc.
  • Pilot tests with new ideas.



Key words:

  • Materials science
  • Wet and dry chemical modification of surfaces
  • Characterization of surfaces


We offer

A full time internship in a booming high-tech company for a period of 6 months



  • Technical background on HBO / Academic level
  • Chemistry / Physics / Mechanical Engineering


Contact person for more information

Teun Ruardij,


CV and cover letter in English to be sent to HRM, PHOTONIS:

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