Custom Resistive Glass Products

Photonis’ resistive glass products efficiently guide of charged particles. Our proprietary lead silicate glass is manufactured to preferentially attract either positive or negative ions.

Collect more ions
Wide variety of shapes
Wide variety of sizes
Improve performance


As a manufacturer, Photonis is able to customize our products to meet specific needs. Our monolithic resistive glass can be custom manufactured collision cells and ion mirrors for use in a variety of analytical instruments. We have simplified the design of these products to ensure easy maintenance and cleaning. Photonis has the experience necessary to work with instrument designers and recommend a product which will be best suited for their project.

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Did you know?

Photonis also manufactures varied, non-linear monolithic resistive glass tubes, which enables instrument designers to produce non-linear and dynamic fields within the lens for better performance. Axial lines can be applied for use as collision cells, while rings can be applied for use as a segmented reflectron lens as seen in photo below.



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