Hi-QE Photocathodes

Photonis’ Hi-QE photocathode technology provides a unique combination of extremely low dark counts, fast response time, and high quantum efficiency.

High sensitivity efficiency
High collection efficiency
Low noise
Wide variety of formats

Technical information

Photonis offers the Hi-QE photocathode option in four versions: UV, blue, green and red.

  QY at 200nm, % QY at 270nm, % Y QY at 400nm, %
  Minimum Typical Minimum Typical Minimum Typical
Hi-QE UV 22 25 28 32 22 25
Hi-QE UV 12 16 27 30 27 30
  Averaged QY [380-480nm], % QY at 500nm,%
  Minimum Typical Minimum Typical
Hi-QE Green 26 30 18 22
  Averaged QY [520-800nm], %s
Hi-QE Red 15 17



Hi-QE photocathodes are available in a variety of spectral detection ranges to fulfill specific application requirements.

Hi-QE photocathodes lower dark counts as much as 10X, while boosting QE 50% over traditional S20 or S25 photocathode technologies.
Photonis' Hi-QE photocathodes are available in four options, designed to heighten the spectral response across specific wavelengths when compared to broader spectral response photocathodes of S20 and S25.  The Hi-QE UV offers superior detection to 330nm, while the Hi-QE blue provides improved response through 400mn. The Hi-QE green option provides unparalleled response from 400-550 nm, while the new Hi-QE Red photocathode is optimized for the 400-900nm spectral range, providing 50% greater quantum efficiency. At 650nm, Hi-QE Red provides 22% QE - versus 16% in the standard S25 photocathode. Notably, at 900nm the Hi-QE red photocathode offers a 50% improvement over the traditional S25 photocathode.

Hi-QE Photocathodes wavelenght

Hi-QE Photocathodes are available in these photon detectors:

Cricket™² Advanced Image Intensifier Adapter | Photonis
Hybrid Photo Diodes
Image Intensifiers
MCP-PMT Detectors
Planacon Square MCP-PMT Detector


Hi-QE Photocathodes



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