Imaging Photon Counter

The Imaging Photon Camera combines innovative state-of-the-art MCP detector technologies and specially-designed fast electronics.

Wide Field of View
Single Photon Time Tagging
High Spatial Resolution
High Count Rates

Technical information

Field of View Full C-Mount wide field of view  (18mm round)
Photon Time Tagging MCP stack enables TCSPC techniques 100pS timing resolution
Spatial Resolution Spatial resolution of photons on the X and Y axis <40 microns
Count Rates Equipped for input event rates up to 5MHz and local count rates to 10kHz



Unlike digital sensor-based cameras, the Imaging Photon Camera has no read noise and easily supports fast wide-field TCSPC applications in extreme low light. Photonis’ Imaging Photon Camera offers a unique set of capabilities to support fast imaging techniques under light-starved conditions.

The Imaging Photon Camera relies on state-of-the-art microchannel plate (MCP) detector technology, paired with a specially-designed fast electronics unit. These innovative components combine to eliminate the problem of electron noise found in digital sensor technologies such as EMCCD or CMOS. The Imaging Photon Camera provides extreme low light images without sub-zero cooling and connects to any microscope or imaging device via a standard C-mount.

Photons are converted into electrons and the electron signal is amplified by a proprietary low light dual MCP-based detector with a custom cross-strip anode. Events detected in the anode strips are digitized by the electronics unit; the X and Y positions of each photon are calculated by the charge distribution in the bi-dimensional anode. The spatial resolution in both directions is <40 microns.

A double sampling TDC measures the time between the user trigger pulse (a laser) and the detected event. The timing resolution, obtained from the MCP stack, is 100ps.
The Imaging Photon Camera can process up to 5MHz input event rates, with local count rates (100 micrometer spot) up to 10kHz. 

Imaging Photon Counter

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