Beam Instrumentation

beam instrumentation

Many types of Photonis products may be used for beam instrumentation, all of which are useful to evaluate the beam characteristics and shape. Photonis offers imaging detectors (both vacuum flange mounted and non-mounted) to visualize the distribution of the particles in the beam. For counting the particles in the beam, Photonis provides “detection only” type detectors which feature a metal plate as an anode for smaller rates and with 50 Ohms anode for fast timing applications. Photonis manufactures Advanced Performance Detectors (APDs) as well as bipolar TOF detectors, which are usually used in mass spectroscopy, but may also be applied for beam characterization. 

Several different sizes of beam instrumentation detectors are available ranging from the compact MICROTRONTM detectors which easily fit inside a narrow vacuum flange, to detectors with an active area diameter of 150 mm, as well as customized shapes. The complete beam imager assembly consists of a flange-mounted imaging detector with a mounted NOCTURNTM  CMOS camera used for direct image acquisition and digital recording. 

Photonis Electron Generator Arrays may be used to create the highly uniform beam of electrons with different geometries. Additionally, Photonis has can provide Stripline MCPs, which may be used for obtaining the temporal information from the broad beam by activating different parts of MCP in pulses, thus the temporal information is revealed in the different locations on the detector.


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