Detection of charged particles

Charged Particle detection

Photonis devices are used for the detection of all manner of charged particles and electro-magnetic radiation . Photonis detectors including Channeltrons® single channel electron multipliers, MCP-based detectors, Advanced Performance Detectors, Advanced Performance Time-of-Flight detectors, Bipolar Time-of-Flight detectors (patented), and Gen2 TOF detectors which offer improved detection for different types of charged particles. These detectors are most commonly used in mass spectroscopy and other applications where the charged particles are created and manipulated by the electric and magnetic fields. Notably, Photonis has unique high-pressure detectors, suitable to work at pressures up to 10 -3 Torr such as our MagnumTM and MegaspiraltronTM and the Daly Detectors, available in a variety of different configurations.


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