Single & Triple Quad MS

Analytical Instruments

Whether you have a single quadrupole MS or triple-quad, Photonis can provide the exact detector for your needs. By equipping your next quadrupole analytical instrument with a detector from Photonis, you will receive superior sensitivity as well as increased overall lifetime of your instrument.

In addition to designing a new detector, we have a whole catalog of replacement detectors manufactured to minimize downtime and maintain (and in some cases improve) instrument performance. Download our OEM guide today.

Photonis designs a variety of detectors, as outlined below, which can be used in these applications to perform more accurate testing.

Did you Know…?

Photonis’ research and development engineers are committed to continuous innovation. We have been working with the world’s largest mass spectrometer manufacturers for decades and have consistently provided detectors which exceed requirements. We use a documented process development program to identify the specific goals and objectives of each project and set key milestones and checkpoints for both parties. Contact us today to learn more about how to get started.

Learn more about how we support the analytical instrument industry by downloading our brochure.


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