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Who we are

Photonis is a leading multinational high-technology company with 80 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of electro-optic and high precision sensors.

By joining us, you will be taking part in the international human adventure that has made Photonis the world leader in night vision and a key player in the field of nuclear instrumentation, digital technology and scientific sensors.




Originally a subsidiary of PHILIPS known locally by the name of HYPERELEC from 1963 to 1986, Photonis France left the PHILIPS group in 1998. The leading private sector company in Corrèze, Photonis France SAS is a medium-sized enterprise (MSE) located in the commune of Brive-La-Gaillarde since 1937. Our facilities cover an area of over 62,000m2. 

Together, we number more than 450 employees: a major Research & Development group that has already filed 36 patents, several autonomous production units and supporting departments such as finance, human resources, IT, quality and procurement, etc.

What we do

Photonis France

Our outstanding expertise and exacting technical requirements, together with the diversity of our business activities, are key factors in the continued development of our competitiveness in a global market.



Our Brive-La-Gaillarde teams, 18% of whom are engineers, do their utmost every day to embrace the technical challenges of the future in the fields of space, medicine, night vision and nuclear instrumentation.

Why to work with us

Would you like to join a human-sized international company underpinned by strong values that will give you the opportunity to make the most of your knowledge?

Would you like to be part of the Photonis adventure? Would you like to make a contribution through your scientific curiosity?



To apply, send us your CV and covering letter. Our job opportunities can be found on our website. 

Your application will be studied thoroughly and jointly by our teams. If your application is selected, you will be invited to an interview with the head of human resources and the manager.

During this interview, we will provide you with information about the company and the position, and hold a discussion with you to determine whether your profile matches both our needs and your expectations. If your application is successful you will receive a letter offering you the position.

Note that we can cover part of the costs of moving to BRIVE and that we can put you in touch with our partner, ACTION LOGEMENT, to facilitate your and your family’s integration. We can also help your spouse to find employment.


As an employee, your personality, skills and known-how are highly valued assets that will enable us to grow and improve day after day.

Before your arrival, the HR team will prepare your induction process with all internal players concerned: your manager, your future teams, supporting departments (administrative documents and IT requirements) and an internal memo will be circulated announcing your appointment.

On the day of your arrival, the HR department will look after you, introduce you to the company and carry out your safety training. Your manager will then assist you in settling into your new role and will support you throughout the induction period. 

Our company and societal policy

In a constantly evolving environment and in keeping with the group’s values, Photonis’ management is committed [to social causes] alongside its social partners through numerous agreements including: Jobs and skills forecast management, quality of life at work, gender equality, employment of persons with disabilities, a plan of action to encourage the employment of older workers, flexible working hours and wage policy.

Professionnal Equality Index

Declared a "great cause of the five-year period" by the Presidency of the French Republic, equality between women and men has been placed at the heart of government priorities. In this context, by decree n°2019-15 of 8 January 2019, a new system was defined, under the terms of which French companies with more than fifty employees evaluate themselves each year in the field of professional equality: the Index Egalité Femmes Hommes. Below a threshold of 75 out of 100 points, the company is required to define and implement corrective measures within three years.

Built around five indicators calculated on a total of 100 points, Photonis France SAS obtains a score of 85/100 for the year 2022.

  • The gender pay gap (37 points), 
  • The distribution gap of individual increases (20 points), 
  • The promotion distribution gap (15 points), 
  • The number of employees increased upon their return from maternity leave (incalculable),
  • Parity among the top 10 highest salaries (0 points).

This great index is reflecting Photonis policy in term of professional egality. 


The management and supervisory staff continuously ensure that all employees have the necessary information by organising personnel information meetings several times a year. 

Finally, we do all we can to facilitate our employees’ daily life through provision of an insurance benefits scheme, supplementary health insurance where the company covers a significant part of the associated costs (currently approximately 50%).

Photonis staff association

Do you enjoy adventure, sport and outdoor activities?

Our sporting and cultural association (Brive Electronique Club) offers numerous activities ranging from handball and zumba to bee-keeping, skiing, golf and other outdoor sports.

You will also have access to the company restaurant and the Photonis staff association social and cultural services which includes cinema, skating rink, children’s recreational activities, school supplies voucher and Cadhoc gift voucher, etc.

Photonis France

Jobs and Skills Forecast Management

Within the framework of its Jobs and Skills Forecast Management, Photonis encourages its employees to be proactive regarding their professional development and to anticipate their future needs. 

For this purpose, its HR policy uses the tools necessary for the development of its business activities and skills.

  • Induction period

New company employees are offered an induction process tailored to their needs to assist them in settling into their new positions and to enable them to get to know their company and colleagues better.

  • Work-related interview

A moment for discussion with the manager in order to understand the company strategy, review the progress of their professional career and talk about their aspirations and aims for development.

  • Block release training

Photonis takes on young people on a professional training or apprenticeship contract to anticipate future skills requirements.

  • Training

Each year, Photonis devotes nearly 3% of its wage bill to training. The challenge is to maintain employees’ strategic skills, support their development and anticipate the arrival of new technologies.
Each employee has access to their digital training passport.

  • Performance assessment interviews

Understanding their objectives and having the means to achieve them is of primordial importance for the company. In addition to this annual interview there is a mid-year review to check consistency with the objectives set at the start of the year.

  • Internal mobility

There are internal recruitment opportunities wherever skills are transferable from one job to another (some 100 jobs within the company).

  • Geographical mobility

Recruitment opportunities may be inter-site.

As part of its training policy, the HR department can assist employees with their concerns, the validation of their experience, skills assessments and other methods of training inside or outside the company.

Quality of life at work

We are very mindful of our employees’ quality of life at work and their health and well-being 

On our site, we regularly offer: 

quality of life at work
  • Individual consultations with an osteopath in house, 
  • Sophrology sessions with a state-certified sophrologist,
  • Ergonomic analysis of workstations,
  • Training in working positions and movement,
  • Give up smoking campaigns,
  • Safety glasses adapted for employees’ eye-sight,
  • Assistance with accommodation through ACTION LOGEMENT,
  • Fortnightly presence of a social worker on site,
  • Company agreement on the number of days off.

Where to find us

Brive-La-Gaillarde, that is the south of France! Situated at the gates of the south of France, this city with golden façades enjoys a very mild climate. It is located an hour’s drive from many famous tourist sites such as Sarlat, Rocamadour, Lascaux and the Dordogne’s numerous châteaux, to name a few. Life in this vibrant city will have you captivated in no time.