Image Intensifier Tube

Photonis' wide range of image intensifiers support medical imaging, industrial quality, non-destructive testing, and research applications.

Superior sensitivity
Customized Options
Highest quantum efficiency
Up to 1 million gain

Technical information

Photonis Image Intensifiers can be custom ordered from prototypes to full scale production to fulfill the application requirements. If you need guidance, contact us with your specifications.

Microchannel Plates Photonis offers MCPs in a wide range of sizes, from 16mm to 40 mm. Multiple MCPs can be configured in Chevron or Z-stack for increased gain.
Phosphor coatings Several different phosphors are available to heighten the detection visibility of your application.
Photocathodes With nearly a dozen photocathodes to choose from, including our exclusive Hi-QE option, you can hone in on the exact wavelength range you need.
Gating Image intensifiers can be provided with a number of gating units or stages, and are also available with electronic shutters.
Input and output windows Several options are available including glass and fiber to optimize photon sensitivity across the entire image intensifier.
Imaging Cameras A Cricket lens coupling interface is available as well as a range of CMOS, CCD, ICCD or ICMOS cameras to capture your phenomena.
Power Supplies External power supplies can be provided to manage gating.



Our ability to offer custom image intensification solutions guarantees you capture the wavelength you require with the gain, output and timing you need.  Our extensive experience and capability means we can create prototypes, small batch, or full production quantities.

Image Intensifier tubes are used to amplify photons across a wide range of wavelengths, making them visible to researchers in order to observe behavior and phenomena. Our detectors are ideal for medical imaging, non-destructive testing, high energy physics research or space exploration. Photonis offers the largest selection of both custom and standard detectors in the market, to be sure you get the exact detector to match your requirements.

Image Intensifier tube


Learning Highlight

Hi-QE photocathodes
Photonis exclusively offers a photocathode option for a high quantum efficiency (Hi-QE) photocathode, which increases the quantum efficiency by up to 50%. Learn more.

Image Intensifier Tube





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