Microwave amplifiers

RF Amplification for Advanced Electronic Systems

The expertise of Photonis Defense, part of Exosens, in the field Microwave technology, particularly in the realm of RF (radio frequency) amplification, has seen remarkable advancements over the years, enhancing the capabilities of electronic countermeasure systems and various communication devices.

One prominent player in this field is Photonis Defense, a company known for its cutting-edge hybrid power amplifiers that combine vacuum electron and solid-state technologies.

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Photonis manufactures and sells technologies in the field of photo-detection and low light conditions imaging.

Exosens - Microwave Amplifier technology

Unmatched Power and Reliability with Photonis Defense's Hybrid Power Amplifiers

Photonis Defense, part of Exosens combines their knowledge of vacuum technology with modern solid-state components to build compact, integrated Microwave Power Modules for amplifying radio frequency signals to high power levels in military and commercial applications. Their design consists of a high gain solid-state driver (MMIC) followed by a multi-collector traveling wave tube, and their associated power supplies, into a powerful lightweight amplifier.

A Legacy of Innovation

Since their invention in the early 1940’s Photonis Defense and its predecessors have been designing and manufacturing helix-type Traveling Wave Tubes for numerous defense applications. These helix-type traveling wave tubes are constructed using the industry standard of metal-ceramic and feature rare-earth periodic permanent magnets for power-free focusing.  Photonis Defense continues to manufacture a wide range of special purpose power tubes for research applications. Our tetrodes, triodes and cavities are integral parts of linear accelerator power sources in laboratories throughout the world.

Meeting Advanced Electronic System Requirements

Our Microwave Power Modules meet the power, bandwidth, and spectral requirements of many modern microwave systems as used in electronic countermeasures, point to point and Satcom data links, and radar systems. These systems are also ideally suited for airborne applications where volume, weight and prime power are at a premium. For research applications, Photonis Defense Microwave Power Modules can also be used as compact laboratory amplifiers.  By harnessing the power of a high-efficiency miniature traveling wave tube, Photonis Defense microwave power modules have a proven track record of being efficient, low noise amplifiers with a low SWaP design.

Exosens - XRay technologie
Exosens - Microwave Amplifier technology

Trusted by Global Organizations

Photonis Defense serves a wide range of customers, including all branches of the US Military, NATO, and various commercial entities. Their Power Tubes, hybrid amplifiers, and Traveling Wave Tubes are trusted by global organizations seeking reliable, high-efficiency, broad frequency, and high-power output solutions for research, broadcast, and defense systems

Continuous Commitment to Innovation

The success of Photonis Defense lies in its ability to strike the perfect balance between cutting-edge technology and tried-and-true methodologies. This approach has allowed them to remain at the forefront of microwave technology, providing unmatched performance and reliability. 

As electronic systems continue to evolve, Photonis Defense stands ready to meet the challenges with its continuous commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of microwave technology and RF amplification.


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