Fuel Reprocessing Monitoring and Waste Management

Fuel Reprocessing Monitoring and Waste Management

Nuclear fuel reprocessing and waste management involve the detection, the storage, the recovery of fissile material (plutonium and enriched uranium) and the separation of waste products.

Photonis has developed and adapted many of its boron-lined proportional counters and fission chambers for the French AREVA-COGEMA-ORANO spent fuel reprocessing plants in Marcoule and La Hague and Rokkasho/Japan.

Photonis has also developed for the above plants a range of nitrogen and xenon-filled gamma ionization chambers that can be customized.

Boron lined proportional counter CPNB48
Fission chamber for in-core use CFUE24
Fission chamber for out-of-core use CFUM11
Gamma ionization chamber CRGA11


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